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10.4 Inches Maternal Portable Fetal Monitor YSFM100

Model: YSFM100

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7 days
Brand Name:      YUESEN MED

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High Quality 10.4 Inches Maternal Portable Fetal Monitor YSFM100 Hot Sale

10.4 Inches Maternal Portable Fetal Monitor YSFM100
YSFM100 Products
High-tech fetal& maternal monitor,it offers a
reliable, high-performance solution for fetal monitoring needs in the clinic
and hospital, from pre-natal check-ups to antepartum monitoring of high-risk

YSFM100 K Features:
♦ Folded 10.4 inches TFT LCD high-brightness screen
♦ 12-crystal waterproof pulse Doppler transducer (optional), providing wider beam area and more homogeneous signal, thus realizing better performance for beside monitors than conventional transducers.
♦ Event Marker makes it easy to annotate perceived fetal movements (FM),
or other events on the strip chart.
♦ Fetal Movement Profile(FMP) detects and automatically records gross fetal body movements.
♦ Heart rate offset mode makes it easy to visually distinguish between the heart rates of twins by allowing you to offset the secondary FHR + 30BPM.
♦ Heartbeat Coincidence recognition provides visual and audible indication when it detects synchronous fetal or maternal heart-rate signals, indicating that you may be monitoring a duplicate signal.
♦ Fetal heart rate alarm provides both audible and visual alerts if the heart rate is outside of the user-defined high/low range.
♦ Easy-to-load Z-fold paper stacks itself neatly upon exiting the recorder, facilitating easy storage.
♦ Internal Li-on battery power or AC power from external power supply.
♦ Supporting TCP/IP or wireless connection to the central monitoring station
♦ NST Report (Fetus health report)

Fetal Acoustic Stimulator(FASt)
The optional Fetal Acoustic Stimulator uses low frequency vibro-acoustic stimuli(VAS) to “wake” the fetus, increasing the efficiency of antepartum testing and improving retest consistency. VAS indicated with a musical note on the strip

YSFM100 Specification

Physical Specifications
Dimension and Weight Dimension 32cm (W)*26cm (D)*8cm (H)
Weight standard configuration: 2.8 kg
Operation Environment Power requirements AC100-240V , 50/60Hz
Power 50VA
Temperature 0-40℃
Humidity 0-93% non-condensing
Fetal/Maternal Performance Specifications
Performance Specifications Display 10.4 inches (1024×768 pixel) color TFT –LCD
Indicator Visual on-display and integrated, alarm light, audible alarm
Battery Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery power
Alarm Visual on-display and integrated, alarm light, audible alarm
Memory 24-hours memory for fetal traces
150 groups patient data
Printer America standard/international standard  
Built-in thermal printer (paper width:110mm)
1/2/3cm/min real-time printing speed, fast print speed (stored traces)
Paper Z-fold, thermosensitive
Record Message ID, name, age, date, time, print speed etc
CMS Support connecting to central monitoring station through LAN (TCP/IP) or wireless connection
Fetal/Maternal Technical Specifications
Ultrasound (FHR) Measurement range US 30 to 240 bpm
Resolution Display 1bpm
Printer 1bpm
jitter@200 bpm ≤3bpm
Display update rate 0.25second
Beat to bea change(max.) for ultrasound 28bpm
US frequency 1MHz±5%Hz
TOCO Measurement method Strain gauge sensor element
Sensitivity  1 unit =2.5g
Resolution 1 unit
Measurement range 500 units
Baseline setting 0, 5,10, 15, 20 can be selective
Update rate 0.25 second
Auto offset correction 3 second after connecting the transducer
Auto zero adjust  TOCO value is set to zero negative following a negative
Measure value for 5 seconds
Auto Fetal Movement (AFM) Technique Pulsed doppler ultrasound
Range    0-100%
Resolution 1%
Automatic fetal movement actograph
Manual fetal movement marker
Maternal NIBP(MNIBP) Operation mode Manual/automatic/ STAT
Measurement unit mmHg / kPa  selectable
Test interval 0-480 minutes
Accuracy Max.Std.deviation:8 mmHg(1.1kPa)
Max. mean Error: ±5mmHg(±0.7kPa)
Measurement range Systolic 30 to 270 mmHg(4 to 36 kPa)
Diastolic 10 to 245 mmHg(1.5 to 32kPa)
Mean 20 to 255 mmHg(2.5 to 34kPa)
Pulse rate range 20-250bpm
Over-pressure protection Yes
Maternal SpO2 (MSpO2) Measurement range 0%-100%
Resolution 1%
Accuracy ±2%
Pulse rate range accuracy ±3bpm                                 

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10.4 Inches Maternal Portable Fetal Monitor
Maternal Portable Fetal Monitor
Portable Fetal Monitor
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