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Medical 50kw high frequency X-ray Machine YSX500G

Model: YSX500G

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7 days
Brand Name:      YUESEN MED

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Medical 50kw high frequency X-ray Machine YSX500G
High Frequency 500mA x-ray machine

1. 50KW // 30KHz: High frequency machine can cover all body parts, undertake general radiography and obtain clear images.
2. There is no other x-ray machine more cost-effective in the world. Moreover, you will sure be pleasantly surprised by the ultra-low price.
3. If you have mobile DR flat, that will be fantastic! A slight upgrade can help you realize direct digital imaging.
4. Its solid & streamline shape, as well as its ultra-long service life, make it well worth the cost.
5. With microcomputer control program and auto-generation of radiography conditions, It’s easy to operate and has good repeatability.

YSX500G Features
1. High precision control mode through analog & digital double-loop control: Adopting HF (≥30kHz)inverter circuit combined with analog & digital double-loop control mode (composed of microprocessor and PWM dedicated chip), in order to achieve high-precision high voltage output. Though power supply fluctuation may appear, steady x-rays can still be output.
2. High-precision control in radiography time: Minimum exposure time is 0.0025 second, and quick radiography is accessible at any time without the influence of power phase, thus high-quality images are easily achieved and x-ray radiation to patients is reduced.
3. High-precision tube current control: X-ray tube current using two high-frequency converter heating which is controlled by the microprocessor high-speed A / D converter sampling tube current calculate in real-time. The microprocessor control the allowed load of the X-ray tube. It can set the most suitable radiography condition for the x-ray tube.
4. Various setting ways of Radiography conditions: you can select kV, mA and mAs to set the conditions for radiography, the program of the body parts is efficient, simplify operation., limit the select of three parameters for protecting the capacity according to the capacity of x-ray tube.
5. Self-protection, self-diagnosis: Once the malfunction happen, generator start self-protection, give an alarm. The malfunction can be detected via error code, convenient for maintenance.
6. Compact structure, Reduces installation space

YSX500G & YSX0200G Technical index of main component
Intermittent mode 100kV ,200mA,20kW 100kV ,500mA,50kW
Power Voltage 380V±10% 50Hz±10%
tube current Radiography   16mA~200mA Radiography32mA~630mA
Output Voltage Radiography 40-125KV  step 1kV;
resistance power less than  0.5Ω
Output power 20kW 50kw
Exposure Time Radiography 0.0025s~6.4s adjustable Radiography  3ms~6s   adjustable
Nominal Frequency 30kHz
Speed of anode rotating 2800r/min
Anode heat capacity 140KHU 150KHU
Focus Small focus:1.0mm  Big focus:2.0mm
Length*width*height of bed surface 2000mm×750mm×690mmDeviation:±10mm
Horizontal movement distance of table ≥200mm
Vertical movement distance of table ≥900mm
Distance from table surface to film 50mm±2mm
Distance of vertical movement 770mm±10mm; 800mm-1100mm

Product  Configuration
No Part Name Qty
1 X-ray tube 1
2 Radiographic Table 1
3 collimator 1
4 Microcomputer console 1
5 High-voltage generator, 1
6 High voltage cable 2
7 Vertical bucky stand( Optional) 1

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Medical x-ray machine manufacturer

Medical x-ray machine supplier

High Frequency Medical x-ray machine table

High Frequency Medical x-ray machine

High Frequency Medical x-ray machine
Yuesen Med equipment purchase process
Product  Configuration
No Part Name Qty
1 X-ray tube 1
2 Radiographic Table 1
3 collimator 1
4 Microcomputer console 1
5 High-voltage generator, 1
6 High voltage cable 2
7 Vertical bucky stand( Optional) 1
High Frequency Diagnostic X-ray Machine
High Frequency X-ray Machine
Ddiagnostic X-ray Machine
50kW X-ray Machine

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