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YSSJT-58B Corpse Lift Table

Item No.: YSSJT-58B
Product parameters
MOQ: 1
Package: Carton Package
Ship From: Guangzhou
Lead Time: 3-5 days
Customization: 7 days
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The lifter is composed of base, lifting support and a body tray.
It is specially for autopsy table or body freezer.
The body tray is a concave shape with drainage, convenient for cleaning.
X-shaped lifting pushrod, smooth, steady, and noiseless.
The lifting controller is easy to operate.
Height adjustable range: 420-1300mm.
The lifter can work 30-50 times when it is fully charged.
4 silent universal castors, 2 with brake.
Size: 220*65*42-130cm (Fixed body tray)
Detachable body tray, with handles at both ends.
Rollers for the detachable tray.
800mm stainless push&pull handguard at either size.

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